Posted by: Heru Legowo | December 30, 2009


A sunny afternoon, at Jimbaran beach. The afternoon breeze was blowing softly. Fishing boats floating at the sea-shore. At the beach, rows of the boat leaning over the beach sand. Some fishermen got busy preparing their fisihing equipment and boats to sail this evening.

On the beach, in the market; traders sell fresh fish caught by fishermen. There are a lot of different fish, shrimp, squid, clams and some other kind of fish. Fishermen just caught it. Foreigners came, too crowded in the market. Some of them just come, select and asking for fish. 2 red tail snapper fresh fish, palm-sized; offered by only Rp. 50.000.-  not so expensive.

If we do not want to bother, there is a market outside ready to grill the fish, we buy. The cost grilled is calculated depend on the weight of fish. The cost to grill, Rp. 8.000.- per  kg of weight. You don’t have to grill by yourself. Some mothers and fathers seem to wait patiently, waiting their fish being grilled.

While waiting, a trader of knife approached and offered several kind of knives. He sells various types of knives. Made in Madura, he said was made of iron of rails. Knives from Java, is made from a car’s suspension steel. There are also artificial Bali’s knives. Small knife made in Bali, with length of 10 cm, offered of Rp. 5.000.- each.

In the afternoon on Jimbaran beach. Some fishermen got busy lift up their boat and lowered it, into the sea. A fisherman from the accent of his voice, seemed came from Madura were busy preparing fishing nets. He said tonight will sail to the sea. And … they will be back again sailing whole night, along the dark sea. Looking for a bite of rice to live, enjoy being alone in the middle of dark sea. They keep struggling day after day.

Jimbaran give the lives to so many people. Jimbaran still beating, and continue to support his surroundings. The afternoon sun went down, and the sky above began to blush in red. A red sky was taking the sun to set down, seem lazy to leave the earth. In a moment the sun will disappear on the horizon, giving an opportunity to the goddess of the moon. The sky softened, and darkened. The wind breeze and the soft of beach touched me. It gave a melancholic feeling.

And life will continue to spin at Jimbaran day and night … until later ….


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