Posted by: Heru Legowo | November 14, 2010

Merapi explosion Java

Merapi Mount in the central of Java

Having erupted on Tuesday 26 October 2010 at 05.02 pm, Mount Merapi continues to show its existence. Volcanic ash keeps spewing out of its crater and the result is loss of lives and posessions. Mount Merapi made itself into world news.

In the midst of these sadness and calamity, the attention of volunteers cools the heart and warms the soul. The world still has those who love others, working without asking, risking their own lives for those in need.

The summit of Merapi 2.968 m above sea level, Mount Merbabu at the distance

On 4 July 2010, the author had climbed Mount Merapi from the Selo-side route, and reached Merapi’s peak sharply at 06.40 a.m. At the height of 2.968 metres above sea level, there was a beauty not possible to be described in words. The feeling resulted was intense and mixed: happy, proud, grateful and, most importantly, humbled by God’s masterful creation.

Our guide, Pasri, said that the hot cloud coupled by the volcanic ash nicknamed “Wedhus Gembel” did not even touch the area of Selo! Now, it may true at that time, however, there was plenty of dust and ash spurting off Mount Merapi.

Even Pasri now seeks refuge in another village 20 km north of Semarang city. His house in Selo was left off in a hurry. Pasri awaits anxiously to return to his own house.

Every little bit, helps

Mount Merapi continues its cough and shows itself, a spectacular phenomena! The dark clouds around its peak create a dramatic and beautiful scene, but not to those people nearby! God is displaying His might in everything that changes within the count of seconds. Those of us staying far from Merapi can only watch, whilst continuously mouthing istighfar : Astagfirullah. God Almighty is the only who knows.

Hearts are being knocked, we are feeling the pain and we are moved to care. Let us lighten the burden of our brothers in need. No matter how small, our contribution means a lot to them.

May there be.


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