Posted by: Heru Legowo | November 27, 2010

The 60th Airport Emergency Exercise held in Bali

The Airport Emergency Exercise, “The 60th Dirgantara Raharja” will be held in Ngurah Rai International Airport on Dec 15th, 2010. We will practice this exercise at night time. And this will be for the first time in Indonesia the Emergency exercise held at night. For accident can be happened at any time, so we have to be ready to face it, whether at day light or night time.

The exercise main purpose is to check whether this airport ready to handle every emergency situation happened in its area of responsibility. The people, facilities and procedures emergency situation will be practiced, exercised and be evaluated to face a certain scenario emergency. The exercise held once in two years.

We will prepare it very carefully for this exercise. We decide to practice set the exercise at night time, and we challenge ourselves to checked whether all of us, Ngurah Rai International Airport personnel are quite professional and ready to face every emergency situation happened in this airport.

As a result we’ll give an assurance that all flights and aviation environment are well protected. We provide the best service we ever had, to make the aviation industry runs well in this airport.

So, let’s do it our best for this exercise.

The single runway of Ngurah Rai International Airport


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