Posted by: Heru Legowo | October 30, 2012

The beauty of Bangka & Billiton

Bangka and Billiton as the twin islands, always gave ideas about the tin. The new society recall after book, song and movie Laskar Pelangi or Rainbow Warriors became famous, well known and worldwide. Thanks to Andrea Hirata, who has brought the name of Belitung became famous to the world through the novel and the film of Rainbow Warriors, an inspiring story of how The Rainbow Warriors struggle from nothing to something, from zero to hero.

Rumah Tuan Kuase (Hoofadministrateur) at Tanjung Pendam Billiton

Bangka Island is also remembered for having become a place of exile of The first President of Indonesia Soekarno in 1948-1949 at Menimbung, Muntok. Visiting the Menimbung giving consciousness, how Indonesian leaders first isolated away from everywhere, but still keeps the spirit and struggle for uniting the country. From the remote beauty of Menimbung  hilltop, Bung Karno still have not decreased much less subdued.

On the island of Belitung Rumah Tuan Kuase (Hoofadministrateur) reminded the heyday of tin in the past, and a real trail that since the first Billiton has had economic activity and have connected with the outside world.

The Granite rock Batu Burung at the beach of Tanjung Kelayang

The famous china’s admiral Cheng Ho recorded twice stopped lowering his 25 troops in Belitung who are sick and get him back. Also in the 8th century, Chinese merchants wandering the world, I Tching recorded visited the island.

Granite boulders scattered throughout large parts of the island, to the shallow beaches along the coastline. Granite stone gives beauty and small feeling when approached. In addition, if we look closely always questionable, how the giant stones that remained stable with a seemingly impossible position?

The 70 Meter Light House at Lengkuas island, bulit in 1882 and still working well

Another interesting is Satam Stone, Meteorite, or Billitonite. This stone is black meteor fragment, when it enters the earth’s atmosphere more than 750 thousand years ago. In Indonesia this meteorite just fell in the Belitung island and at Sangiran-Solo. Satam stone believed to have strong energy, and can neutralize magical things. That said, Stone Satam can not be searched and can only be found by those who are lucky.

Kolong – the tin exploration left as it is, because the cost is not worthed.

Bangka and Billiton islands are really exotic. Like many Indonesian islands, the islands keep whispering! In the silence, the beauty islands whispered, as if hoping that we know and understand its beauty. The islands continued to whisper, reminds us of the divine gift from the Almighty. When we come to see it, feel it and understand it, makes us realize and grateful for Almighty greatness.

View from the top of Light House at a small Lengkuas islan,



  1. *”not worth it”, not “not worthed”


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